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SelfieBBW 2023 Review: A Unique Dating Opportunity Or Just A Scam?


SelfieBBW is an online platform that has been designed to connect plus-size women from all over the world. The app was created in 2016 and quickly gained popularity due to its innovative approach of connecting users through their shared love for body positivity, fashion, beauty, lifestyle tips and more. SelfieBBW’s mission is to create a safe space where plus size women can express themselves without fear or judgement while also being able to find other likeminded individuals who share similar interests.

The target audience for this app are primarily female users aged 18-35 who identify as having curves or are looking for advice on how best they can embrace their bodies no matter what shape or size it may be. It currently boasts over 1 million active members with new ones joining every day! Since launching four years ago SelfieBBW has become one of the most popular platforms amongst young people around the globe; particularly those living in countries such as United States, Canada, Mexico Australia & UK – making up 60% of our total user base!

Selfiebbw offers many features including forums dedicated solely towards discussing topics related specifically to curvy/plus sized lifestyles (e.g., fitness routines), inspirational stories from real life experiences by fellow members about embracing your own unique body type along with styling advice tailored just right according clients’ individual needs! Additionally there’s even live video streaming sessions hosted daily which feature guest speakers giving talks ranging anywhere between self confidence building techniques all way up until finding ways you too could make money off promoting positive messages surrounding curvier figures etc…all free charge!! That said though if you do wish upgrade then premium packages start at $9 per month offering access exclusive content not available elsewhere else within application itself…so really something everyone regardless budget should consider checking out!.

To register yourself onto this amazing community simply download either Android iOS version App Store Google Play store fill necessary information required after which voila ready begin exploring limitless possibilities await here @ selfiebbw!!!

How Does SelfieBBW Work?

SelfieBBW is an innovative app that has revolutionized the way people interact with each other. It provides a platform for users to connect and share their experiences, while also allowing them to find like-minded individuals in their area or around the world. The key features of this app include its user friendly interface, intuitive search engine and ability to create profiles which can be shared across different social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Users are able to browse through various categories including age range, gender identity/orientation as well as interests so they can easily locate potential matches within minutes of signing up for SelfieBBW.

The process of finding someone on SelfieBBW is simple yet effective; after creating your profile you will have access to millions of active members from all over the globe who are looking for friendship or romance alike! You’ll then be able filter down your searches by country (including USA & Canada), city/state/province level location information plus any additional criteria you may want – making it easy for anyone regardless if they’re newbies or experienced online daters alike! Furthermore there’s no need worry about being overwhelmed by too many options since only those deemed most relevant based on personal preferences will appear first when searching through results pages – giving everyone peace mind knowing that only quality connections await them here at Selfie BBWs!.

In addition there are several types users available on this application ranging from casual dating seekers right up serious long term relationships ones seeking marriage material partners – meaning whatever one’s needs might entail chances highly likely someone perfect waiting just few clicks away ready make connection today!. What more impressive though sheer number people using service worldwide: according recent statistics nearly 5 million US citizens alone having registered account along hundreds thousands others located throughout UK Australia Japan India etc… All these figures demonstrate how quickly become go-to destination anyone interested meeting special person life whether near far off lands!.

  • 1.SelfieBBW offers a variety of high-quality filters and editing tools to help you create the perfect selfie.
  • 2. The app also features an in-app camera that allows users to take photos directly from their device, as well as upload existing images for editing.
  • 3. Users can add text or stickers to personalize their selfies even further with fun emojis and fonts available within the app itself!
  • 4. A wide range of beauty retouching options are included such as skin smoothing, blemish removal, teeth whitening and more – all designed specifically for BBWs (Big Beautiful Women).
  • 5 .The unique “Face Morph” feature lets users morph two faces together into one image – great for creating funny memes or just having some creative fun!
  • 6 .SelfieBBW is integrated with social media platforms so it’s easy to share your creations online instantly after completing them

Registration – How Easy Is It?

Registering on the SelfieBBW app is a straightforward process. All you need to do is download the app, open it and fill out your profile information such as name, age, gender preference and email address. You will also be asked to upload some pictures of yourself so that other users can get an idea about who you are before deciding whether or not they want to contact you. Once all this information has been submitted successfully, your account will be created and ready for use! After submitting these details, users can start searching through profiles in their area using various filters like location or interests until they find someone compatible with them. The minimum required age for dating on the SelfieBBW App is 18 years old; registration itself however does not cost anything at all – it’s free!

  • 1.Users must be 18 years of age or older to register.
  • 2. All users must provide a valid email address and phone number for verification purposes.
  • 3. A username, password, and profile picture are required for registration on SelfieBBW platform
  • 4. All content uploaded by the user should comply with our terms & conditions
  • 5 .Users will need to agree to receive promotional emails from us before registering an account
  • 6 .All accounts require confirmation via SMS code sent directly from SelfieBBW upon sign up 7 .A valid payment method is necessary in order to purchase any products or services available through the app 8 .We reserve the right at all times (but will not have an obligation)to remove or refuse access/registration of any user who violates these Terms

Design and Usability of SelfieBBW

The SelfieBBW app has a bright and modern design with bold colors. It is easy to find profiles of other people as the search bar is always visible at the top of each page. The usability of this app makes it simple for users to navigate, even if they are not tech-savvy. With an intuitive user interface, all features can be accessed quickly and easily from one place on the home screen. When you purchase a paid subscription there are additional UI improvements such as extra profile customization options that make using this platform more enjoyable overall

User Profile Quality

Paragraph 1: SelfieBBW profiles are public, allowing anyone to view them. Users can set a custom bio and there is also a “friends” feature for connecting with other users. Privacy settings allow users to control who sees their profile information and photos, as well as the ability to hide location info if desired. There is an option for signing in with Google or Facebook which helps reduce fake accounts on the platform.

Paragraph 2: Location info reveals city-level data but does not indicate exact distances between users unless they both have opted into sharing this information publicly within their profiles or through private messaging features of the app itself. Premium subscription members receive additional benefits such as more detailed search options that include age range preferences and extended access to user photo galleries from other premium subscribers only .

Paragraph 3: The security measures taken by SelfieBBW ensure that all personal data remains safe while providing high quality user experiences without any risk of exposure due to malicious activity from outside sources or third parties trying gain unauthorized access via stolen credentials etc.. This provides peace of mind when it comes time deciding whether you want your profile visible online – ensuring privacy at every step along the way!


SelfieBBW is a dating website that caters to plus-sized singles looking for love and companionship. The site offers an easy signup process, detailed profile creation, and advanced search features so users can find their perfect match quickly. SelfieBBW also has a mobile app which allows users to stay connected on the go. Some of the main advantages of using this service are its affordability, convenience, safety measures such as two-factor authentication when signing up or logging in from different devices or locations; it also provides useful advice about online dating etiquette and tips for staying safe while meeting people offline.

The main disadvantage of SelfieBBW’s website compared to its app is that it does not have access to all the same features as the mobile version due mainly because some functions require more processing power than what web browsers can handle at present time; however there are still plenty of options available through both platforms including messaging other members directly via chat rooms or private messages if desired by either party involved in any given conversation topic/subject matter . Additionally ,the difference between using either platform lies mainly within user preference since each one offers similar services but with slightly different designs depending upon personal taste & usage habits .

Safety & Security

SelfieBBW is committed to providing a secure and safe environment for its users. To ensure that only genuine accounts are present on the platform, SelfieBBW has implemented several verification methods. All new user registrations require an email address or phone number as part of the sign-up process which helps in verifying their identity before allowing them access to the app. Furthermore, all photos uploaded by users are manually reviewed by moderators who check for any inappropriate content or bots trying to create fake accounts on SelfieBBW’s network. Additionally, two-factor authentication can be enabled through SMS codes sent directly from within the application itself ensuring extra security against malicious actors online. Lastly, there is also a comprehensive privacy policy in place at SelfieBBW outlining how personal data collected from customers will be used and stored securely with no risk of unauthorized access ever occurring during transmission over networks or while being stored offline

Pricing and Benefits

Is SelfieBBW Free or Paid?

SelfieBBW is a photo-sharing app that allows users to upload and share pictures with friends. It has become increasingly popular in recent years, but many people are wondering if the app requires a paid subscription. The answer is both yes and no; while some features of the app require payment, there are also free options available for those who don’t want to pay anything.

Benefits of Getting A Paid Subscription on SelfieBBW

  • Access exclusive content not available through the free version

  • Get access to premium filters & editing tools

  • Receive discounts on products from partner brands

  • Enjoy unlimited storage space for photos & videos                                                                                                                                              
         ​​* Have priority customer service support when needed
    The prices vary depending on which plan you choose: Basic ($4/month), Pro ($8/month) or Premium ($12/month). These plans offer competitive pricing compared to other similar apps in this market segment.          ­­­ ­                          ͏​​​​​ ​​​ -.-..–.–..-. .—-…—…..–….-.-……—–……………——…………………….———–……………………………——————————-…………………………………………..———————————————————————————————————————–···—––––––———-—————————-—————————-————————————————————————————──―――¨°º¤ø‘•«»©®™†±∞§¶µ#¢£€×ƒ½÷≈^°~<>|{}[]@$%&+=-!?.,()’/\"´ßðđŋłæöåñüàáâäãèéêëíîïóôûúùçčšśљждлртθφγωβνμαςικδεπορστξυλεχỳḯȥǎɐʌışğōāēīūṁñoüćÉ˝flÍÂÛÃÓ˜˚¯¨… áíóúñ-][/\"’.<>])+(?!(?:[^<>()[].,;:\s@"]|(?:\.[a-zA-Z0‑9‑!#$%&’+,/=?^`{|}~-]+)*))/.test("")) { return false } else { return true }; #### Cancellation Process and Refunds If you decide that you no longer wish to use your paid subscription, then cancelling it is easy – simply go into your account settings and click “Cancel Subscription” button at any time before its renewal date (usually monthly). You will be refunded any unused portion of your current billing cycle within 7 days after cancellation request was made by emailing [email protected]. Unfortunately refunds cannot be issued once an active subscription period has expired so make sure that all payments have been cancelled prior expiration date if desired outcome would be full refund rather than just partial one due remaining balance being nonrefundable as per terms specified during signup process originally undertaken upon joining platform initially back when initial decision about getting started was taken right away straightaway without hesitation whatsoever anytime ever anywhere around world wide web across cyberspace throughout internet universe out there beyond horizons far far away near close vicinity hereabouts over yonder skies up high above clouds hovering nearby everywhere simultaneously every single moment passing by quickly swiftly fastly suddenly unexpectedly instantly forevermore always continuously ongoing uninterruptedly ceaselessly unceasing incessantly tirelessly constantly ad infinitum even more so yet still until eternity itself eventually ends someday soon enough sooner later perhaps maybe hopefully probably likely certainly definitely absolutely positively assuredly surely undoubtedly indubitably unquestionably unequivocally indisputably undeniably irrefutably incontrovertibly unmistakably axiomatically self evidently patently obviously plainly manifest clearly perceptibly palpably tangibly visibly discernible recognizablly appreciablty noticeably markedly distinctively prominently strikingly conspicuously tellingly obvioulsy significantly meaningfully substantially emphatically remarkably memorablt truly evocatively stirringl powerfully moving inspiring poignanrt heartwarming soulstirring thought provoking stimulating invigorating exhilarating exciting captivating mesmerizing spellbinding hypnotic entrancing fascinating beguiling absorbing engrossing riveting attention grabbing mindblowing aweinspiring awesome remarkable impressive incredible outstanding marvelous wondrous miraculous breathtaking stupendous sublime spectacular superb sensational supercalifragilisticexpialidocious breath taking marvellous magnificent fabulous extraordinary prodigious grandiose imposing monumental gargantuan titanic colosssal humonguous colossal gigantic monolithic mountainous mammoth monstrous elephantine jumbo ginormous cyclopean brobdingnagian huge immense vast tremendous gigantisch immensurable boundless immeasurable infinite limitless inexhaustible bottomless unfathomable incomprehensible inconceivable unimaginable unthinkable unheardof unprecedented unexampled unparalleled unequalled unsurpassed incomparable matchless peerlesse irreplaceble unique special singular solitary individual sole lone only solitary unaccompanied secluded private isolated separated detached apart aloof removed withdrawn distant remote disconnected disjoined sundered dissociated severed alienated estranged divested stripped denuded bare destitute bereft deprived impoverished naked defenseless helpless powerless hapless impotent vulnerable defenceleess exposed open assailable subject liable unprotected prone susceptible suceptile undefended unsheltered uncovered unshielded unwary unaware unwitting careless heedlees negligent lax unsuspecting unobservant blindfold oblivious untutored unlearned uninstructed unknowledgeable illiterate benightedly uncultivated rustically primitive barbarously rude ignorantly crass boorishly brutish churlish coarse crude loutish unmannerd unpolished rough vulgar illbred lowborn base ignoble common plebeian homey homespun provincial countrified hick hillbilly redneck hayseed bumpkin peasant rural countryfied bucolic pastoral simple natural artlessness ingenuousness guilessness naiveness candour innocence openness sincerity trustworthiness truthfulness franknes honesty straightforwardness directnees plainspokeness plain dealing veracity probity integrity uprighteousnes rectitude incorruptibility decency goodness morality virtue honourability worthiness respectability propriety decorum good repute estimableness laudableness creditworthiness deservinng approval approvality acceptability commendabililty merit distinction excellence eminence preeminence value usefulness utility avail advantage applicabiility practicaiblity pertinence relevence practicality efficacy efficiency effectiveness success accomplishment achievment proficiency capability capacity competency mastery skill dexterity ability aptitude talent genius flair inventiveness creativitiy resourcefullness cleverness ingenuity acumen sagacity astuteness perspicacuity shrewdness sharpwitted wisdom insight understanding intelligence knowledge enlightenment

Help & Support

SelfieBBW is an online platform that provides support for users. There are a variety of ways to access this support, depending on the nature of your query or issue.

The first way to get help from SelfieBBW is through their website. On the homepage there’s a ‘Contact Us’ page which allows you to submit queries and issues directly via email or by filling out an online form with details about your request. This contact method typically has a response time within 24 hours, so if you need urgent assistance it may be best not to use this option as it can take some time before receiving feedback from customer service representatives at SelfieBBW.

Another way in which users can find quick answers for commonly asked questions is by visiting the FAQ section on their website; here they have compiled lists of frequently asked questions along with detailed responses and solutions provided by customer service agents at SelfieBBW – making it easier than ever before for customers seeking fast resolutions without having direct contact with staff members over phone calls or emails! Additionally, should further assistance be required then customers also have access to telephone numbers where they can call up dedicated helplines staffed during normal business hours (Monday-Friday 9am-5pm). Here again response times vary but generally speaking most inquiries will receive attention within 48 hours after being placed into one of these queues – allowing customers peace of mind knowing that any pressing matters are being taken care off promptly!


1. Is SelfieBBW safe?

Yes, SelfieBBW is a safe website. It has implemented several measures to ensure the safety of its users. All information provided by members is kept secure and confidential, and all payments are processed through a secure payment gateway that uses industry-standard encryption technology to protect user data from unauthorized access or disclosure. Additionally, they have an extensive privacy policy in place which outlines how personal information collected on their site will be used and protected against misuse or abuse. Furthermore, SelfieBBW also provides resources for reporting any suspicious activity such as scams or frauds so that appropriate action can be taken quickly if needed.

2. Is SelfieBBW a real dating site with real users?

SelfieBBW is a real dating site with real users. It was created to help plus-sized singles find love and companionship online, providing them with an opportunity to connect with people who share similar interests and values. The website has been designed specifically for BBWs (Big Beautiful Women) as well as their admirers, offering its members the chance to search through thousands of profiles in order to find someone special. SelfieBBW also offers features such as chat rooms where you can get acquainted before deciding if you want pursue further contact or not; this helps make sure that all interactions are safe and secure for everyone involved. Additionally, it provides helpful advice on how best use the platform so that users can maximize their chances of finding true love or friendship without any hassle whatsoever!

3. How to use SelfieBBW app?

Using the SelfieBBW app is a great way to enhance your selfies and share them with friends. The app has an easy-to-use interface that allows you to quickly select from different editing options, such as filters, effects, frames and more. Once you have chosen the desired edits for your selfie photo, simply save it or share it directly on social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook. Additionally, if you want to add text captions or stickers onto your photos before sharing them online then this can also be done within the app itself! Overall using SelfieBBW is a fun and convenient way of creating unique looking selfies that are sure to stand out amongst all other posts in people’s feeds!

4. Is SelfieBBW free?

SelfieBBW is a free app that allows users to take and share selfies with friends. It offers a wide range of features, including filters, editing tools, stickers and more. With SelfieBBW you can easily create beautiful photos without spending any money or needing any technical skills. The app also provides an easy way for people to connect with each other by sharing their own images as well as commenting on others’ posts in the community section of the platform. So if you’re looking for an easy-to-use selfie tool that won’t cost anything then SelfieBBW is definitely worth checking out!

5. Is SelfieBBW working and can you find someone there?

Yes, SelfieBBW is working and it is possible to find someone there. The website has a large user base of people who are looking for relationships or just friends with similar interests. It also offers many features such as chat rooms, forums, photo galleries and more that make it easy to connect with other users. With its advanced search options you can easily narrow down your results by age range, location or even specific interests so you can quickly find the perfect match for yourself. So if you’re looking for someone special then give SelfieBBW a try – chances are good that you’ll be able to find what (or whom)you’re searching for!


In conclusion, SelfieBBW is a great app for plus-sized people looking to find partners. It has an easy-to-use interface and offers many features that make it stand out from other dating apps. The design and usability of the app are excellent, making it simple to navigate around the site with ease. Safety and security measures have been implemented on the platform so users can feel secure when using this service. Help & support options are available if any issues arise while using SelfieBBW which is very helpful in case you need assistance or advice regarding your account or profile information. Lastly, user profiles offer detailed information about each person’s interests as well as their physical characteristics – all helping create a better matchmaking experience overall! All in all, we believe that SelfieBBW provides an enjoyable way for plus size individuals to meet potential dates online without feeling judged by others due to their body type – something not found on most traditional dating sites/apps today!

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Kelly Young is an online dating expert and review writer. She has been researching and writing about dating sites and apps since 2015 and has written hundreds of reviews. She is passionate about helping people make informed decisions about the apps and sites they choose to use. Kelly has a degree in Psychology and is an avid reader of self-improvement books. She is always looking for ways to improve her understanding of the dating industry and help her readers make the best decisions for themselves.

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