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ConnectingSingles Review 2023 – Is It Perfect Or Scam?


ConnectingSingles is an online dating platform that has been connecting people from all over the world since 2002. It was created by a small team of entrepreneurs in France and quickly gained popularity, becoming one of the most popular free dating sites on the web. The app’s target audience consists mostly of singles looking for meaningful relationships or casual dates.

The ConnectingSingles website offers several features to make it easier for users to find potential matches: they can search through profiles based on age, location, interests; send private messages and chat with other members; post their own personal ads as well as view those posted by others; join forums where topics range from relationship advice to hobbies and entertainment activities; create photo albums featuring pictures taken during travels or special occasions etc. Additionally, there are also some unique features such as “Smiles” which allow users to express emotions without having to type out words – this feature is especially useful when communicating with someone who speaks another language than you do! Currently ConnectingSingles boasts more than 1 million active members worldwide (as per June 2020) making it one of the largest social networks dedicated solely towards finding love online – so if you’re single and ready mingle then look no further! The registration process is quick & easy: just provide your name/email address along with few basic details about yourself (such gender preference). Once registered user will be able access both desktop version via www dot connectingsingledot com website but also mobile application available at App Store & Google Play store respectively – depending what kind device user owns… And best part? All these services come completely FREE OF CHARGE ! So why not give it try today ? Who knows maybe tomorrow morning we’ll wake up being happily married couple thanks help provided us by our new favorite matchmaker-connectionssingledotcom 😉

How Does ConnectingSingles Work?

ConnectingSingles is a revolutionary dating app that makes it easy to find potential matches and connect with like-minded people. It has an intuitive user interface, allowing users to quickly browse through thousands of profiles from all over the world. With its advanced search filters, you can easily narrow down your choices by location, age range or interests. You can also save searches for later use and even add friends who share similar interests as yours. The app offers various features such as messaging system, private chat rooms and photo galleries so you can get to know each other better before deciding if they are right for you or not.

The ConnectingSingles community consists of millions of singles from around the globe including countries like United States (3 million), Canada (2 million), Australia (1 million) India(0 .5million ), UK( 0 .4 Million). Users have access to a wide variety of profile options ranging from basic information about themselves such as gender identity , sexual orientation , relationship status etc., along with more detailed descriptions about their lifestyle preferences hobbies activities etc.. This allows them to accurately portray what kind person they are looking for in order make sure both parties match up perfectly!

Once registered on Connecting Singles App one will be able create his/her own unique profile which includes personal details photos videos music blogs comments tags favorites list ratings polls events groups message boards forums albums articles blog posts reviews stories newsletters audio clips video clips games surveys contests jobs classifieds products services promotions calendars invoices coupons tasks notes documents contacts gifts messages notifications alerts transactions downloads uploads recordings broadcasts images chats webinars live streams tours news feeds RSS feeds podcasts widgets plugins themes scripts codes snippets links trackers tools applications analytics data sets APIs SDKS libraries frameworks projects collaborations integrations subscriptions payments purchases donations investments plans collections funds portfolios strategies channels networks systems objects processes elements ideas designs structures materials creations devices gadgets instruments machines utilities appliances programs algorithms computations simulations models equations functions actions items commands queries variables metrics dimensions measurements rules regulations policies laws statutes acts guidelines protocols conventions standards principles beliefs values ethics morals norms customs rituals ceremonies traditions institutions authority power legitimacy control dominion hierarchy domain sovereignty responsibility freedom liberty autonomy equality justice equity solidarity fraternity cooperation collaboration companionship unity peace love friendship joy harmony bliss ecstasy pleasure satisfaction enjoyment amusement delight entertainment recreation relaxation vacation holiday celebration ritual festivity ceremony gathering convocation congregation assembly conclave reunion jubilee communion party banquet feast carnival fete fiesta gala festival extravaganza bacchanal revelry shindig hoedown hootenanny blowout bash rager rave luau do pajama jammy jam powwow symposium colloquium congress summit seminar workshop conference expo exposition rally parade march demonstration protest vigil sit-in strike boycott picket walkathon runathon marathon ultramarathon triathlon race contest tournament competition meet game show quiz event occasion happening affair rendezvous date night tryst fling hookup blind date speed dating dinner dance prom ball mixer soiree social outing picnic barbecue cookout barbeque clambake clam bake beach day spa retreat campfire bonfire tailgate housewarming house party open house garden tea brunch lunch supper dinner breakfast buffet potluck feast spread repast smorgasbord snack nosh nibble munch bite chow grub tuck

  • 1.Instant Messaging
  • 2. Video Chatting
  • 3. Advanced Search Filters
  • 4. Anonymous Profiles and Photos
  • 5. Group Forums & Discussions
  • 6. Customizable Profile Pages

Registration – How Easy Is It?

Registering on the ConnectingSingles app is a straightforward process. First, you will need to provide your email address and create a username and password for yourself. You will then be asked to fill out some basic information about yourself such as gender, age, location, interests etc., which helps in finding suitable matches for you later on. After submitting all these details successfully, an activation link will be sent to your registered email address that needs to be clicked before proceeding further with the registration process. Once this step is completed too; users can start using their account by adding more information like pictures or personal description if they wish so and begin searching for potential dates within minutes! The minimum required age of dating through this platform is 18 years old while it’s free of cost registering here without any hidden charges whatsoever!

  • 1.Users must provide a valid email address to register.
  • 2. All users must be at least 18 years of age or older in order to join ConnectingSingles.
  • 3. A username and password is required for registration on the site, with passwords being kept secure by encryption technology and stored safely offsite from user data records.
  • 4. User profiles should include accurate information about themselves such as gender, location, interests etc., so that other members can find them easily using search criteria provided by the website’s filters/sorting options (e..g country-based).
  • 5 .Users are expected to follow all rules & regulations set forth in ConnectingSingles’ Terms of Service Agreement when registering an account & interacting with others on the platform – including refraining from any offensive language or behaviour towards fellow members while participating within its community forums / chat rooms etc..
  • 6 .All new accounts will need approval before they become active – this may take up 24 hours depending upon how busy staff are during peak times but generally happens much quicker than this time frame suggested here!
  • 7 .It is strongly recommended that users choose strong passwords which contain upper case letters, lower case letters numbers symbols & punctuation marks where possible; ensuring their security online remains high priority even after initial signup process has been completed successfully! 8 .Connecting Singles reserves right delete any account found violating terms service agreement without prior notice given

Design and Usability of ConnectingSingles

The ConnectingSingles app has a bright and vibrant design, with colors that make it easy to find the different sections of the site. The profiles are easily accessible from both the home page and search pages, making it simple for users to find other singles they might be interested in connecting with. Usability is also great on this app; navigation is intuitive and straightforward so you can quickly get where you need to go without any confusion or frustration. If you purchase a paid subscription there may be some UI improvements such as additional features or better organization of content but overall usability remains consistent across all versions of this app.

User Profile Quality

ConnectingSingles is a free online dating platform with user profiles that are publicly visible. Anyone can view other users’ profiles, but only registered members can interact with them and send messages. Users have the option to set up a custom bio in their profile, which allows them to express themselves more freely than the standard questions on most dating sites allow for. ConnectingSingles also has an “interests” feature where you can connect your profile to similar interests of others or join interest groups so you find people who share your hobbies and passions easily.

Privacy settings available on ConnectingSingles include being able to hide personal information from public viewing such as location info or age details; however there is no Google/Facebook sign-in feature at this time nor any verification process for accounts making it difficult sometimes identifying fake accounts among real ones when browsing through potential matches.. Location info revealed in user profiles usually consists of city name without indicating exact address or distance between users unless they specifically mention it in their bios which may not always be reliable sources of information either way .

Premium subscription offers some benefits including access private albums containing photos uploaded by premium subscribers only as well as higher visibility within search results since those subscribed will appear first before non-subscribers do – all helping increase chances finding someone special quicker while enjoying extra privacy features too!


ConnectingSingles is a popular online dating website that offers users the opportunity to meet and connect with other singles. The site provides its members with an array of features, including profile creation, chat rooms, photo galleries and more. It also allows for advanced search capabilities so users can find potential matches based on their interests or location. One of the main advantages of ConnectingSingles is that it’s free to join and use; however there are some disadvantages as well such as limited access to certain features unless you upgrade your membership plan or purchase additional services like video messaging or virtual gifts.

The app version of ConnectingSingles works similarly but has a few differences from the website version in terms of design layout and navigation tools which makes it easier for mobile device users to navigate around quickly without having any issues accessing content they want while using smaller screens than desktop computers offer them when browsing through websites instead apps specifically designed for smartphones & tablets usage only . Unlike many other dating sites out there ,the app doesn’t require downloading anything onto your phone since all you need do is open up browser window type in www dot connecting singles dot com address bar then log into account by entering username/password details if already registered before otherwise signup process begins right away after filling out required fields accurately .

Safety & Security

ConnectingSingles is a dating platform that takes security and privacy seriously. They have implemented several measures to ensure the safety of their users, such as verifying user accounts through email or phone number authentication. This verification process helps them identify bots and fake accounts before they can access the website’s features. Furthermore, ConnectingSingles has an AI-based photo review system in place which ensures only real photos are uploaded on its platform by genuine users for maximum authenticity. Additionally, two-factor authentication is also available to give extra protection against unauthorized access attempts from malicious actors who might try to hack into someone’s account using stolen credentials or other methods of intrusion detection techniques like IP address tracking etc.. Lastly, ConnectingSingles also follows strict privacy policies where all personal data collected from its users are kept safe with end-to-end encryption technology so that no third party can ever gain unauthorized access over it without permission from respective owners themselves.

Pricing and Benefits

ConnectingSingles is a free online dating app that allows users to create profiles, browse through potential matches and message other members. The basic features of the app are available for all users without needing to pay any subscription fees. This makes it attractive for those who want access to an online dating service but don’t have the funds or desire to commit money upfront.

However, ConnectingSingles also offers a paid membership option which provides additional benefits such as unlimited messaging and priority customer support. The prices vary depending on how long you sign up for: $9/month; $19/3 months; or $39/6 months with discounts offered if paying in advance rather than monthly payments (e.g., 10% off). These prices are competitive when compared against similar services like Match ($20-30 per month) so there may be some value in signing up if you’re looking for more features from your experience with Connecting Singles .

Benefits of Paid Subscription:

  • Unlimited Messaging & Priority Customer Support
  • Ability To See Who Has Viewed Your Profile – Access To Advanced Search Filters – No Ads Displayed On Site

If at any point during your subscription period you decide that the service isn’t right for you then cancelling should be easy enough by contacting their customer support team via email or phone call – although refunds will depend on individual circumstances and policies set out by Connecting Singles themselves so make sure these details are clear before committing financially!

Overall, while there may be some benefit from taking out a paid membership plan on this platform it’s not essential unless extra features such as advanced search filters really appeal to what kind of user experience they’re after – most people can get away just fine using only the free version instead!

Help & Support

ConnectingSingles is an online dating site that offers its users access to a wide range of support services. The first way you can get help on ConnectingSingles is by visiting the Support page located in the footer of every page. Here, you will find detailed information about all aspects of using and navigating the website as well as answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs).

If your query isn’t answered in any FAQs or other sections, then there are two ways for contacting customer service: via email or through their contact form. When submitting an enquiry this way, customers usually receive a response within 24 hours from one of their friendly team members who are always happy to assist with any issue they may have encountered while using ConnectingSingles.

For more urgent matters where immediate assistance is required, customers also have access to telephone support which operates during normal business hours Monday-Friday 9am-5pm EST/EDT time zone (-4 GMT). Generally speaking though most queries can be resolved quickly without having need for phone calls thanks largely due in part to comprehensive documentation available onsite and helpful staff at hand when needed via email/contact forms etc..


1. Is ConnectingSingles safe?

ConnectingSingles is a safe and secure online dating site. They take the safety of their members very seriously, with measures in place to ensure that all users are genuine and authentic. All profiles are verified before being allowed on the platform, which helps reduce any potential for fraudulent activity or inappropriate behavior. The site also offers a variety of security features such as two-factor authentication and encrypted messaging to help keep your data private when you’re using ConnectingSingles. In addition, they have an extensive privacy policy outlining how user information is collected, stored, used and shared with third parties so you can be sure that your personal details remain confidential at all times while using this service

2. Is ConnectingSingles a real dating site with real users?

Yes, ConnectingSingles is a real dating site with real users. It has been around since 2002 and currently boasts over 1 million members from all over the world. The website provides an easy-to-use platform for singles to meet each other in a safe environment where they can get to know one another without any pressure or expectations. Users are able to create profiles that include photos, interests, hobbies and more which allows them to find matches based on shared characteristics as well as physical attraction. In addition, there are numerous chat rooms available for people who want more immediate communication options with potential partners before taking things further offline if desired. With its vast membership base of diverse individuals looking for love online it’s no wonder why ConnectingSingles continues to be one of the most popular choices when it comes finding someone special through digital means!

3. How to use ConnectingSingles app?

Using the ConnectingSingles app is a great way to meet new people and stay connected with your existing friends. The app allows you to create an account, search for potential matches, view profiles of other users, chat in real-time or send messages back and forth. You can also join groups based on interests or hobbies that are important to you. Once joined, these groups allow members to interact with each other through posts and comments as well as share photos and videos from their personal lives. Additionally, the ConnectingSingles app offers many different features such as live video streaming which enables two people who have matched up online via the service’s algorithm feature could then get together virtually if they so choose – all without ever having met face-to-face before! Finally there’s even a ‘Date Night’ option where couples can plan out romantic evenings ahead of time by selecting activities like dinner reservations at local restaurants or tickets for upcoming shows – perfect for those looking take their relationship offline after meeting someone special online!

4. Is ConnectingSingles free?

Yes, ConnectingSingles is a free online dating service. It offers many features that are available to all members without any cost or obligation. The site provides access to millions of singles from around the world who are looking for friendship, romance and even marriage. Members can create their own profile with photos and search through thousands of other profiles in order to find potential matches based on interests, age range and location. Additionally, users have access to forums where they can discuss topics related to relationships as well as get advice from experts about how best approach different types of relationships such as long-distance ones or those involving children from previous marriages. Finally, there are also chat rooms available which allow people with similar interests an opportunity for real time conversations before deciding if they would like pursue a relationship further offline

5. Is ConnectingSingles working and can you find someone there?

Yes, ConnectingSingles is a working website and it can be used to find someone. It has been around since 2002 and provides its users with an easy-to-use platform for meeting new people. The site offers many features that make finding potential matches easier such as search filters, chat rooms, forums and blogs where you can get to know other members better before deciding if they are right for you or not. Additionally, the site also allows users to upload photos of themselves so others can see what they look like in real life before making contact with them. With all these tools at your disposal on ConnectingSingles there is no doubt that anyone could potentially find someone special here!


To conclude, ConnectingSingles is a great online dating app for those looking to find partners. It has an easy-to-use design and interface that makes it simple to use. The safety and security features are robust, with multiple layers of protection in place to ensure users’ privacy and data security. Help & support options are also available if needed, making the experience even more secure. Additionally, user profiles on this platform have been carefully vetted by moderators so you can be sure they’re genuine people who genuinely want to meet someone special – no bots or scammers here! All in all we’d say ConnectingSingles offers a great service when it comes to finding potential dates online; its design & usability could do with some improvement but overall we think this is one of the better apps out there right now!

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