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  • 1. Limited geographical reach
  • 2. Potential for false identities
  • 3. Possibility of online harassment


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Amino Review: Does It Work In 2023?


Amino is a social media platform that allows users to connect with others who share similar interests. It was launched in 2014 and has since become one of the most popular apps for connecting people from all over the world. The app’s target audience includes teens, young adults, and those interested in exploring new topics or finding like-minded individuals to engage with on various subjects.

Amino currently boasts more than 200 million active monthly users across its many communities (known as “amino”). This wide range of user base makes it easy for anyone to find their niche within Amino’s network—from anime fans, gamers, K-pop stans, music lovers and beyond! Its popularity can be attributed largely due to its diverse selection of content categories which cater specifically towards different hobbies/interests while also providing a safe space where members can express themselves without fear of judgement or ridicule.

The app is owned by Narvii Inc., an American software company based out of San Francisco California; however it enjoys immense popularity worldwide – particularly in Japan China South Korea Taiwan United States Canada India Mexico Brazil Indonesia Russia Vietnam France Germany Italy Spain Turkey Thailand Philippines Colombia Argentina Australia Netherlands Sweden Poland Czech Republic Denmark Norway Hungary Finland Ireland Israel Switzerland Austria Belgium Greece Portugal Chile Peru Luxembourg Slovakia Romania Slovenia Ukraine New Zealand Hong Kong Singapore Malaysia Egypt Kuwait Qatar Saudi Arabia Bahrain Oman UAE Jordan Lebanon Yemen Bangladesh Pakistan Nigeria Algeria Morocco Tunisia Ethiopia Ghana Angola Kenya Ivory Coast Senegal Uganda Zimbabwe Zambia Namibia Tanzania Rwanda Madagascar Mauritius Botswana Mozambique Lesotho Swaziland Malawi Burundi Eritrea Djibouti Somalia Gambia Liberia Sierra Leone Guinea Bissau Equatorial Guinea Gabon Sao Tome & Principe Central African Republic Cameroon Congo Democratic Republuc Of Congo Chad Niger Burkina Fasco Benin Togo Malta Moldova Lithuania Latvia Estonia Cyprus Armenia Azerbaijan Georgia Macedonia Kosovo Serbia Montenegro Bosnia Herzegovina Croatia Albania Belarus Andorra Liechtenstein Vatican City Monaco Iceland Faroe Islands Greenland Svalbard Jan Mayen Island Aruba Barbados Belize Costa Rica Cuba Dominica Dominican Republic El Salvador Grenada Guatemala Honduras Jamaica Nicaragua Panama Saint Kitts Nevis Anguilla Saint Lucia Trinidad Tobago Turks Caicos Virgin Islands British Virgin Islands US Minor Outlying Isla nds Marshall Islan ds Micronesia Palau Solomon islands Timor Leste Brunei Macao Laos Cambodia Myanmar Nepal Bhutan Maldives Sri Lanka Afghanistan Uzbekistan Turkmenistan Kazakhstan Tajikstan Kyrgyzstan Mongolia Haiti Suriname Guyana French Guiana Paraguay Uruguay Bolivia Venezuela Ecuador Falkland Isles Pitcairn St Helena Ascension Tristan Da Cunha Christmas Island Cocos Keeling Niue Norfolk Island Wallis Futuna Tokelau Cook Isle Samoa Tuvalu Nauru Vanatu Tonga Kiribati Western Sahara Sahrawi Arab Democatic Rebuplic Somaliland Palestine Occupied Territories etc… As such Amino now serves as an international hub where people from around the globe come together virtually through shared passions experiences stories advice ideas conversations news events polls quizzes trivia games activities challenges competitions clubs groups chats video calls voice messages images videos gifs emojis stickers rewards badges contests tasks achievements collections profiles followers friends comments likes reactions notifications messages direct messaging status updates posts feeds search filters trending hashtags languages localizations safety features privacy settings support help centers moderators admins analytics tools insights data reports metrics trends surveys feedback bug reporting moderation logs bans suspensions etc… In short there are countless ways you can interact customize personalize 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How Does Amino Work?

Amino is a mobile app that allows users to connect with each other and explore their interests. It provides an online platform for people of all ages, backgrounds, and locations to come together in communities dedicated to various topics such as anime, gaming, K-pop music or even specific hobbies like cooking. With Amino’s user friendly interface it is easy for anyone who wants to join the conversation find what they are looking for quickly and easily.

The app offers two types of profiles: individual profile pages where you can post your own content; or community page profiles which allow users from around the world collaborate on projects related directly with that particular topic area. Each profile has its own unique features such as chat rooms where members can communicate through text messages or video calls depending on preference. Additionally there are polls within these conversations so members can get feedback from others about any given subject matter in real time without having wait days before getting responses back via email or other traditional methods of communication .

In terms of numbers Amino boasts over 100 million registered accounts across five countries including United States , Canada , Australia , Japan & South Korea . This makes it one largest social media platforms available today allowing individuals worldwide access into conversations surrounding their favorite subjects while also providing them opportunity meet new friends share ideas experiences with those same passions interests no matter how far away they may be located geographically speaking .

Searching different topics/communities within this network is simple just by typing keywords into search bar at top home screen then selecting desired results browse further more detail description discussion forums associated each group should have something everyone regardless age gender background etc.. Furthermore if person doesn’t know exactly what he she looking able narrow down list categories provided order make process easier faster than ever before once found ideal fit simply click follow button become part active member immediately start contributing engaging discussions taking place inside forum itself almost instantaneously!

Finally another great feature offered by Amino involves ability create custom groups invite only certain people participate meaning if someone wanted organize private meeting between select few friends discuss anything under sun could do so securely safely behind closed doors making sure information shared remains confidential protected against outside interference unauthorized viewing whatsoever times ensuring peace mind all involved parties concerned!

  • 1.Real-time Voice and Video Calls: Amino allows users to connect with each other through voice and video calls, making it easier for them to stay in touch.
  • 2. Live Streaming & Broadcasting: Users can broadcast their own live streams or watch others’ broadcasts on the platform.
  • 3. Customizable Profiles: Members have the ability to customize their profiles with photos, bios, interests, etc., allowing them to express themselves better within the community.
  • 4. Private Messaging & Group Chats: Users can chat one-on-one or create group chats with up to 500 members at a time!
  • 5 .Stickers & GIFs : With hundreds of stickers and GIFs available on Amino , users are able add some extra fun into conversations .
  • 6 . Quizzes/Polls : Create polls and quizzes that allow you get feedback from your followers quickly !

Registration – How Easy Is It?

Registering on the Amino app is a simple process. After downloading and opening the app, users are prompted to create an account by entering their email address or phone number as well as creating a username and password. Once these details have been submitted, they will be asked to select topics that interest them in order to customize their experience within the platform. Upon completion of this step, users can start exploring content from other members around the world who share similar interests with them. After registering for an account on Amino, users must also confirm their age; those under 18 years old cannot join dating communities nor use any features related to it until they reach at least 18 years old which is when dating becomes available within certain communities such as Anime Dating or K-Pop Idol Chatroom Communities . Registration on Amino is free of charge so anyone interested in joining should not hesitate!

  • 1.User must provide a valid email address.
  • 2. User must create an account with a unique username and password combination.
  • 3. All users are required to agree to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy before completing registration process
  • 4. Users may be asked to verify their identity by providing additional information such as date of birth or phone number, depending on local laws/regulations
  • 5 .Users under 13 years old require parental consent for creating an Amino account
  • 6 .User should select at least one interest category during sign up in order for Amino app algorithms to recommend content that is relevant and interesting 7 .Amino requires all users who post content (including images) publicly within its platform adhere strictly with Community Guidelines regarding appropriate language, behavior, respect towards other members etc.. 8 .Any user found violating these guidelines will face suspension from using the service

Design and Usability of Amino

The Amino app has a bright and vibrant design, with an array of colors that make it easy to navigate. It also uses bold fonts and large icons for clarity. The profile pages are well-designed, allowing users to easily find other people’s profiles by searching or browsing through the community directory. The usability is straightforward; all features can be accessed from the main menu at the bottom of each page. There are no major UI improvements when you purchase a paid subscription but there may be some additional customization options available depending on your plan type.

User Profile Quality

Paragraph 1: On Amino, user profiles are public and can be viewed by anyone. Users have the ability to set a custom bio with information about themselves such as interests or hobbies. There is also a “friends” feature that allows users to connect with other people on the platform. Privacy settings allow users to choose who can view their profile and what information they want visible publicly. Google or Facebook sign-in features are available for added security against fake accounts, but there is no way of knowing if someone has created an account using false credentials unless reported by another user.

Paragraph 2: Location info in profiles may reveal your city, though it does not indicate exact coordinates nor any indication of distance between two different users’ locations.. If desired, location info can be hidden from other members through privacy settings; however this will prevent you from taking advantage of certain benefits associated with having premium subscription which includes access to exclusive content based on geographic area among others things .

Paragraph 3: In conclusion , Amino provides many options when it comes setting up one’s profile including adding friends , choosing privacy preferences and hiding location details while still allowing access certain perks associated premium subscriptions . This ensures that all its members feel safe comfortable navigating around the app without fear of being tracked down or harassed online


At the time of writing, Amino does not have a dating website. This is likely due to its primary focus on creating communities for people with similar interests and hobbies. The app provides users with an opportunity to connect over shared passions such as gaming, music or sports without having any romantic connotations attached. Additionally, Amino also has strict guidelines in place that discourage inappropriate content which could potentially lead to issues if they were running a dating site too.

The main difference between the site and the app is how it’s used by users; while both platforms offer opportunities for networking and connecting with others who share common interests, only one offers access through web browsers while another requires downloading an application onto your device first before you can start using it properly (Amino). Through this platform individuals are able to find like-minded friends from all around the world within minutes – something that would be much more difficult when relying solely on traditional methods of communication such as emails or phone calls alone!

Safety & Security

App security in Amino is a priority for the company. To ensure that users are safe and secure, they have implemented several verification methods to protect against bots and fake accounts. The most common method of verifying an account is by requiring users to upload photos or videos as proof of identity. These images are then manually reviewed by moderators before being approved, ensuring only real people can access the app’s features. Additionally, Amino offers two-factor authentication (2FA) which requires both a password and an additional form of identification such as SMS code or biometric data like fingerprints when logging into your account from new devices for added protection against hackers attempting unauthorized access attempts on user accounts .

Amino also takes privacy seriously with their Privacy Policy outlining how personal information will be collected and used within their services including what type of data may be shared with third parties under certain circumstances along with any rights individuals have regarding controlling this information if desired at any time during useage on the platform.. They strive to keep all customer’s private details confidential while providing maximum transparency about how it is handled so everyone feels comfortable using their service without worry over potential misuse or abuse related issues arising due its usage online

Pricing and Benefits

Amino is a free app that can be downloaded on both iOS and Android devices. It offers users the ability to connect with people who share similar interests, create their own communities, and engage in conversations about topics they are passionate about.

The basic version of Amino is completely free; however, there is also an optional paid subscription called “Amino+” which provides additional features such as unlimited access to all public chats, exclusive content from creators you follow, custom profile themes & backgrounds for your account page plus more! The cost of this subscription varies depending on how long it’s purchased for: $4.99/month or $34.99/year (which works out at just under 3$ per month). This makes it one of the most competitively priced subscriptions available compared to other apps offering similar services like Discord Nitro ($9.99/month) or Twitch Prime ($12.99/month).

Benefits Of Paid Subscription:

  • Unlimited Access To All Public Chats
  • Exclusive Content From Creators You Follow – Custom Profile Themes & Backgrounds For Your Account Page – Special Emojis And Stickers In Chat Rooms – Priority Support When Contacting Customer Service Team

Cancellation Process & Refunds: If you decide not to continue using Amino+, cancelling your subscription couldn’t be easier – simply go into Settings > Manage Subscriptions > Cancel Subscription within the app itself before its renewal date and no further payments will be taken from your account after that point in time unless reactivated again by yourself later down the line if desired.. Unfortunately refunds cannot usually be given once payment has been made but exceptions may apply so please contact customer service team directly should any issues arise regarding this matter prior making purchase decision accordingly .

Overall do users really need a paid subscription? Well ultimately that depends entirely upon what kind of user experience each individual wishes gain when engaging with others via platform provided here , though many find value gained through use often outweighs costs incurred due obtaining same over extended period usage .

Help & Support

Accessing support on Amino is easy and straightforward. The first step is to visit the Help Center page, which provides a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions (FAQs). Here you can find answers to common queries about using the platform, such as how to create an account or change your profile settings.

If you cannot find what you are looking for in the FAQ section then there are other ways that Amino users can access help and advice from their customer service team. You can contact them via email by submitting a ticket through their website; they usually respond within 24 hours but this may vary depending on demand levels at any given time. Additionally, if it’s more convenient for customers who prefer speaking directly with someone over phone calls then there is also an international telephone number available where trained staff members will be able answer any queries quickly and efficiently during normal office hours Monday-Friday 9am – 5pm GMT/BST .

Finally, if all else fails then another great way of accessing support would be through one of Amino’s many community forums – here people post topics related to various issues they have encountered while using the app or website so others may offer assistance based upon past experiences when dealing with similar problems themselves! This often results in quicker responses than waiting around for emails since these conversations tend take place real-time between multiple users simultaneously providing solutions almost immediately after posting something up online!


1. Is Amino safe?

Amino is generally considered to be a safe platform for users. It has several safety features in place, such as the ability to block and report other users who are being inappropriate or abusive. The site also provides resources on how to stay safe online and encourages its members not to share personal information with strangers. Amino also employs moderators who monitor content posted by its members, ensuring that it remains appropriate for all ages. Additionally, there are age restrictions in place so that only those 13 years of age or older can join the community and access certain areas of the app where adult content may be shared among more mature audiences. All these measures help ensure that Amino is a secure environment for people from all walks of life

2. Is Amino a real dating site with real users?

Amino is a social media platform that offers users the opportunity to connect with other people who share similar interests. While Amino does not specifically market itself as a dating site, it has been used by many people for online dating purposes. There are real users on Amino and some have even found success in finding romantic partners through this platform. However, because of its focus on connecting individuals based around shared interests rather than solely focusing on romance or hookups, it may be more difficult to find someone looking for an exclusive relationship using this app compared to traditional dating sites like Match or eHarmony. Ultimately though, if you’re willing to put in the effort and look hard enough there’s no reason why you can’t find love through Amino!

3. How to use Amino app?

Using the Amino app is a great way to explore and engage with communities of people who share your interests. To get started, simply download the free app from either Google Play or Apple’s App Store. Once you have installed it on your device, create an account using either an email address or Facebook login credentials. After that, you can begin exploring different “amino” (communities) based on topics such as gaming, anime & manga, music & entertainment and more!

Within each amino community there are many features available for users to take advantage of including chat rooms where members can discuss their favorite topics in real-time; blogs which allow members to post stories about their experiences related to the topic; polls so that everyone in a community can vote on various questions posed by other users; and even quizzes so that members can test themselves against others within their chosen field of interest. Additionally all content posted within any given amino will be visible only those subscribed/joined into it – allowing for safe sharing among likeminded individuals without fear of judgement from outsiders looking in!

4. Is Amino free?

Amino is a free app available for both Android and iOS devices. It offers users the ability to connect with others who share similar interests, hobbies, or beliefs. With Amino you can join communities dedicated to specific topics such as anime, gaming, sports teams and more. You can also create your own community if one doesn’t already exist that covers what you’re interested in talking about! The app itself is completely free of charge but there are some additional features which require an optional subscription fee – these include access to exclusive content from partnered creators and premium badges for your profile page. Overall though it’s still possible to use Amino without paying anything at all so yes – it’s absolutely free!

5. Is Amino working and can you find someone there?

Yes, Amino is working and it is possible to find someone there. It’s a great way for people with similar interests to connect online. With over one million active communities on the platform, you can easily find like-minded individuals who share your passions and hobbies. You can join existing conversations or start new ones in any of these communities as well as chat directly with other members through private messages or group chats. Additionally, Amino also has its own social media features such as polls and quizzes that allow users to interact even further beyond just chatting about their shared interests!


In conclusion, Amino is a great app for those looking to find partners for dating. Its design and usability are top-notch; it’s easy to navigate around the app with its intuitive interface. The safety and security features of Amino ensure that users can feel safe while using the platform, as well as protect their personal information from being shared without permission. Help and support are available through both online resources such as FAQs or by contacting customer service directly if needed. Lastly, user profile quality is generally good on this platform; however there may be some fake profiles so caution should still be taken when interacting with other members of the community. All in all, we believe that Amino provides an enjoyable experience overall – one which many people will enjoy!

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