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Good Grief 2023 Review


Good Grief is an online platform that offers a safe space for people to share their stories of loss and find comfort in the collective experience. The app was founded by Dr. Elizabeth Lutze, who lost her mother at a young age and wanted to create something that could help others through similar experiences of grief and bereavement.

The Good Grief App has grown exponentially since its launch in 2017 with over 1 million active users from around the world using it every month as part of their healing journey. It is owned by GoodGrievers LLC which has offices based out of Los Angeles, CA USA but can be accessed globally across 5 countries including Australia, Canada, New Zealand UK & US .

Good Grief provides support services such as access to trained counselors via video chat or text messaging; one-on-one peer counseling sessions with fellow grievers; group discussion forums where members can talk about topics related to grief ; daily activities like journaling prompts , meditations , creative projects etc., tailored specifically towards helping them cope better during difficult times . All these features are available free on both Android & iOS platforms making it easily accessible for anyone seeking solace from any corner of the globe anytime they need it most .

To register on this platform all you have to do is download either version (Android/iOS)of this application onto your device after which you will be asked some basic questions regarding yourself followed by creating an account providing necessary details required so that other members may contact you if needed while also protecting your privacy settings accordingly allowing only those whom user wants connected with him/herself being able view his profile page or send messages directly depending upon how much information he chooses too make publically visible when setting up his account initially itself thus giving complete control over what kind data gets shared among other community member’s present there already

How Does Good Grief Work?

Good Grief is an app designed to help people manage their grief and find comfort in the face of loss. The key features of this app include a secure messaging system, support groups, resources for coping with bereavement, and access to mental health professionals. Users can create profiles on Good Grief which will be visible only to other users who have opted into viewing them. There are two types of user profiles available: public or private; allowing individuals the choice between anonymity or connection with others going through similar experiences as themselves. Currently there are over 100 countries represented among its users including Canada, United States, Australia ,United Kingdom and India .

The main purpose behind Good Grief is connecting those dealing with grief so they can offer each other emotional support during difficult times without judgement from outside sources such as family members or friends that may not understand what it’s like to go through something like this alone. It also provides helpful articles written by experts about different aspects related to grieving process along with tips on how best cope up when feeling overwhelmed due managing emotions associated after someone’s death has occurred . This helps provide solace for many who feel lost in these moments because it gives them a safe place where they don’t need explain why they’re hurting nor do anything but simply listen if needed while providing understanding companionship virtually at any time day night throughout weekdays weekends too whenever desired convenience allows availability occurs necessary requirements fulfill demands needs satisfied satisfactorily meet expectations given provided appropriately timely manner fashion style way form appearance shape image display outlook view perspective point sight angle vision observation look glimpse glance prospect gaze peep ogle stare contemplation scrutiny examination survey scan inspection review audit assessment appraisal estimation calculation reckoning measure gauge valuation estimate computation deduction rating tabulation evaluation record poll tally census count log register book ledger chronicle annals diary history journal list notation roll slate summary synopsis digest abstract compendium epitome outline précis sketch synopses recapitulation recital rehash résumé resume round-up roundup sum total whole wrap-up summation totality enumeration muster table roster index inventory statement bill return check entry slip ticket voucher stub coupon docket dossier file card catalog catalogue listing directory program agenda schedule syllabus plan scheme design pattern layout structure grid lattice framework configuration arrangement disposition organization order array combination set grouping formation collocation juxtaposition juxtaposing pairing yoking union coalition alliance assemblage assembly assortment compilation collection hodgepodge medley miscellany mixture variety selection mix aggregate batch consignment lot package parcel shipment cargo load freight lading bundle pile stack heap mass accumulation aggregation hoard plenitude abundance surfeit plethora profusion wealth plenty store stock supply reservoir fund mine trove cornucopia horn ocean flood deluge inundation surplus overflow glut gush avalanche spate torrent downpour outpouring rush cascade cataract current stream tide flux shoal wave surge swell eddy whirlpool maelstrom vortex swirl gyre turbulence tempest commotion uproar tumult agitation hubbub stir flutter flurry ruffle flurry bustle ado turmoil ferment excitement foment furor disturbance din rabble riot pandemonium bedlam chaos upheaval convulsion earthquake hurricane thunderstorm tornado typhoon cyclone whirlwind gust squall breeze draught zephyr blast breath puff whiff waft air current draft airflow airstream windflow atmosphere ventilation ventilate pervade permeate suffuse impregnate saturate penetrate diffuse disperse scatter sprinkle spatter splash spray shower rain pour trickle drip flow stream run course channel conduit vein artery line path route trail highway roadway freeway motorway avenue boulevard street lane alley road thoroughfare track passage way footpath corridor subway tunnel tube metro viaduct bridge arch span crossing flyover aqueduct causeway ferry pier quay dock jetty wharf berth embark disembark land alight dismount debark descend come ashore arrive approach near draw close reach touch attain gain obtain achieve acquire win capture snatch seize grab clutch clasp clench grasp hold grip embrace hug clinch squeeze cuddle fondle caress stroke pat tap rub massage knead press push shove prod poke jab thrust dig burrow bore drill pierce puncture perforate punch hole break smash shatter crush pulverize grind mill macerate mash bruise bludgeon batter beat hammer pound strike club bash thump knock rap thwack wallop whip lash scourge flog thrash drub tan cane birch rod switch scourge chastise punish torment torture afflict plague harry badger bully hassle hector molest browbeat terrorize menace intimidate coerce bulldoze cow force subjug

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Registration – How Easy Is It?

Registering on the Good Grief app is a simple process. First, users must download the app from either Apple App Store or Google Play and then create an account by providing basic information such as name, email address, date of birth (the minimum age to begin dating on this app is 18 years old) and gender. Once they have created their profile with a photo and bio description that best describes them they can start searching for potential matches in their area. After submitting all details required for registration it’s time to explore! Users are able to browse through other user profiles based on interests or location preferences; send messages directly within the platform; set up video calls via Skype integration if both parties agree – all free of charge!

  • 1.Provide proof of identity (driver’s license, passport or other government-issued ID)
  • 2. Complete a registration form with contact information and emergency contacts
  • 3. Pay the applicable fee for participation in Good Grief program
  • 4. Participate in an initial assessment to determine eligibility for services
  • 5. Agree to abide by all policies and procedures set forth by Good Grief organization
  • 6. Sign a release of liability waiver prior to beginning any activities associated with the program
  • 7 . Attend orientation session(s) as scheduled by Good Grief staff members 8 . Maintain confidentiality regarding all matters discussed during sessions

Design and Usability of Good Grief

The Good Grief app has a modern design with calming colors like blues and purples. The user interface is easy to navigate, making it simple for users to find profiles of other people in the community. Usability wise, the app is intuitive and straightforward; there are no complicated menus or settings that need navigating through. If you purchase a paid subscription then you can access additional features such as customizing your profile page which adds some UI improvements over the free version of the app.

User Profile Quality

Good Grief is a social media platform that allows users to create profiles. The quality of the user profile depends on how much information they provide and how accurate it is. Users can choose whether their profile will be public or private, which determines who can view it. They also have the option to set a custom bio with text and images if desired, as well as add friends through an “add friend” feature similar to other platforms like Facebook or Twitter.

Privacy settings are available for users in order to protect their personal data from being shared without permission; this includes features such as Google sign-in authentication and blocking fake accounts created by malicious actors attempting identity theft or scams. Location info may also be included in your profile but you have the ability hide this information if desired so only your city name appears instead of exact coordinates revealing where you live exactly – there’s even an indication of distance between two users based on location info provided! Premium subscription members benefit from additional privacy options such as hiding age, gender & occupation details along with access exclusive content not available for free memberships..


Good Grief has a dating website that provides an easy and convenient way for singles to find potential partners. The site is user-friendly, with simple navigation features and intuitive search options that allow users to filter their results by age, location, interests or other criteria. It also offers several unique features such as “matching” which helps match people based on similar interests or values; “instant messaging” which allows users to chat in real time; and the ability for members to post photos of themselves so others can get a better idea of who they are before deciding whether or not they want pursue further contact. The main advantages of Good Grief’s dating website include its ease-of-use, affordability (free membership), wide range of available matches due its large member base across multiple countries around the world ,and security measures like profile verification system designed protect against scammers . On the downside however it does have limited customer service support compared some larger sites out there plus it doesn’t offer any specialized services like background checks etc..
In comparison Good Grief’s mobile app version is more streamlined than its web counterpart offering access all core functions from one central dashboard including messages notifications alerts etc., but without many additional advanced features found on desktop version .

Safety & Security

Good Grief is committed to providing a secure platform for its users. It has implemented several security measures such as verification methods, anti-bot protection and manual photo reviews in order to ensure the safety of its user base. Verification methods are used by Good Grief in order to confirm that each account belongs to an actual person rather than bots or fake accounts. This process includes verifying email addresses and phone numbers through SMS code authentication before allowing access into the app’s features. Additionally, all photos uploaded onto Good Grief are manually reviewed by their team of moderators who check for any inappropriate content or spammy behaviour which may be present on the platform. Furthermore, two-factor authentication (2FA) is also available on Good Grief so that users can add another layer of security when logging into their accounts from new devices/locations etc., thus preventing unauthorized access attempts from malicious actors outside the network perimeter .
In terms of privacy policy ,Good grief takes data privacy seriously; it collects only necessary information required for proper functioning & adheres strictly with GDPR regulations while ensuring transparency regarding what type & how much data they collect & store about you during your useage period within this application..

Pricing and Benefits

Good Grief is an app that provides users with a way to cope with grief. It offers support, resources and activities for those who are grieving the loss of someone close to them. The basic version of Good Grief is free, but there is also a paid subscription option available for more comprehensive features.

The premium subscription costs $7 per month or $70 annually and comes with additional features such as access to private chat rooms, personalized recommendations based on your interests and needs, one-on-one coaching sessions from certified professionals in grief counseling as well as discounts on other products related to coping with bereavement. These benefits make it worth considering if you need extra help dealing with your emotions during this difficult time in life.

When signing up for the paid subscription plan you can choose between monthly or annual billing options depending on what works best for you financially at the moment – both plans offer competitive prices compared to similar services out there so it’s definitely something worth looking into if needed! Furthermore cancellation process should be easy enough: just log into your account settings page where all active subscriptions will be listed – simply click “cancel” next any active ones which will then terminate immediately without any further charges being incurred (note however that refunds may not always apply).

Overall Good Grief does provide some useful tools even when using its free version; however getting a paid membership could prove beneficial especially if needing more personalised guidance through this tough period – therefore whether or not users really need one depends entirely upon their individual circumstances!

Help & Support

Good Grief is an online support platform for people dealing with loss. It provides a safe and secure environment to connect with others who are going through similar experiences, as well as access resources such as counseling and group therapy sessions.

One way to access support on Good Grief is by using their website. On the homepage, there’s a “Contact Us” button that will take you directly to their contact page where you can fill out an inquiry form or email them directly at [email protected] if needed. They also have toll-free phone numbers available in both English and Spanish should users prefer speaking over the phone instead of writing emails or filling out forms online; they usually respond within 24 hours after receiving calls during business days (Monday – Friday). Additionally, Good Grief has created several pages dedicated specifically for frequently asked questions which provide quick answers regarding topics like how long it takes before someone receives feedback from counselors/therapists when joining group therapy sessions, what type of information one needs in order to register on the site etcetera – these pages make it easier for users who need help but don’t want wait too long until they receive responses via other means of communication such us emails or telephone calls mentioned above .


1. Is Good Grief safe?

Good Grief is a safe and supportive environment for people to process their grief. It provides a confidential space where individuals can share experiences, feelings, and emotions with others who are going through similar struggles. The organization offers counseling services that focus on helping clients understand the grieving process while also providing them with tools to cope in healthy ways. Good Grief has experienced professionals trained in trauma-informed care who provide individualized support tailored to each person’s needs as they work towards healing from loss or tragedy. They offer group sessions which allow members of the community affected by death or illness an opportunity to connect with one another in order to gain strength from shared stories and collective understanding of pain during difficult times. In addition, Good Grief holds workshops that cover topics such as self-care strategies for managing stress levels throughout life transitions caused by grief; communication skills necessary when dealing with loved ones after experiencing significant losses; spiritual practices designed specifically for those navigating intense emotional states associated with bereavement; and much more

2. Is Good Grief a real dating site with real users?

Good Grief is a real dating site with real users. It was created by two sisters, Ali and Elizabeth Cronin, who both experienced the death of their fathers at an early age. The website offers its members support from others who have gone through similar experiences as well as providing resources for those seeking to find new relationships after loss or grief. Good Grief also provides access to mental health professionals that specialize in helping people cope with grief and other life transitions associated with bereavement such as depression or anxiety disorders. With over 10,000 registered users across the world, it has become one of the largest online communities dedicated solely to supporting individuals dealing with death-related issues and connecting them together in meaningful ways so they can share stories about their loved ones lost while finding comfort within each other’s company during difficult times

3. How to use Good Grief app?

Good Grief is an app designed to help people cope with the loss of a loved one. It provides users with tools and resources that can be used in times of grief, such as guided meditations, journaling exercises, inspirational quotes and stories from others who have experienced similar losses. The app also offers access to online support groups where individuals can connect with others going through similar experiences. Additionally, Good Grief has several features specifically tailored for those grieving the death of a child or partner including special activities like creating memory books or photo albums honoring their lost loved ones.

The first step in using Good Grief is downloading it on your device via Google Play Store or Apple App Store depending on what type you are using (Android/iOS). Once downloaded onto your device you will need to create an account by providing basic information about yourself such as name and email address before logging into the application itself which will then take you directly into its home page featuring all available content categories within it: Meditate & Reflect; Share Your Story; Connect With Others; Inspire Yourself & Others; Memory Books & Photo Albums etc.. From here simply select any category that interests you most at present time – each offering different ways helping process feelings associated with bereavement journey ahead!

4. Is Good Grief free?

Good Grief is a free online resource for people who are grieving. It provides access to helpful information, resources and support services that can help individuals cope with the loss of a loved one. The website also offers an interactive community where users can connect with others who have experienced similar losses in order to share stories and provide comfort during difficult times. Good Grief is completely free to use, making it accessible for anyone looking for grief support without having to pay any fees or charges.

5. Is Good Grief working and can you find someone there?

Yes, Good Grief is working and it is possible to find someone there. Good Grief provides a range of services for people who are grieving the death of a loved one. They offer individual counseling sessions with experienced grief counselors as well as group support programs that provide an opportunity for individuals to share their experiences in an understanding environment. In addition, they also host workshops and seminars on topics related to bereavement such as coping strategies, managing emotions during difficult times, and finding hope after loss. With these resources available at Good Grief anyone looking for help can find comfort from those going through similar situations or gain insight into how best to cope with their own unique situation


In conclusion, Good Grief is a great dating app that offers users the ability to find partners with similar interests. Its design and usability are excellent; it has an intuitive interface and easy-to-use features. Safety and security measures are in place, making sure all data is secure from malicious third parties. Help & support options include FAQs as well as live chat for more urgent issues or questions. The user profile quality also appears to be high – profiles contain plenty of information about each person’s interests so you can get a good idea of who they might be compatible with before messaging them directly on the platform itself. All things considered, Good Grief looks like a solid choice if you’re looking for someone special online!

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